Crankshaft Dampers

The crankshaft damper is a critical part of any engine.  Tip Top Engineering can supply and advise about crankshaft dampers for any application, visit our crankshaft damper page to read more...


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James BaxterJames Baxter established his company 10 years ago using a unique qualification of a three year Mechanical Engineering degree and similar four year apprenticeship. Most challenges and problems on such early motorcars require a proper engineering solution, based on a thorough understanding of the original design intent.  

Based in the centre of the U.K. and only two hours from Kings Cross, they enjoy superb service from other suppliers in Yorkshire where they expect and likewise deliver to their customers only first class workmanship.

Since 17, James has been devoted to his hobby of motorcars.  He has enjoyed every facet of competition in the Vintage Sports Car Club and beyond.  Driving D type Jaguars, Monza Alfas, Frazer Nashes of all kinds he has dominated speed events in the last 15 years.  He has grown to become outright speed event record holder at every VSCC event driving the single seater Frazer Nash.  Seeking further competition and a new challenge he then beat his own records driving an ERA racing car and remains the prewar record holder on every British Hill.  He has over 60 "Fastest Time of the Day" credits to his name.

6Part of his success is because the cars are self prepared, the other part is the ability to understand and drive the motorcars.  James applies the same passion of his spannering work to his study of driving and he teaches and encourages others to improve their skills, and therefore their motoring success and enjoyment, not to mention increasing safety.

Finally, welcome to Tip Top Engineering. Our website style is old fashioned, just like the motor cars we love to work on, but our approach is to blend both old techniques and modern, as required by each individual challenge.