Welcome to Tip Top Engineering

Thank you for visiting our webpage and welcome to Tip Top Engineering.  We specialise in the restoration and competition preparation of cars from 1901 to 1939.  We know Frazer Nashes and ERAs inside out.  We also love working on AC cars, Anzani and AC Weller engines, many BMW and Frazer Nash BMW variants.  We have vast experience in Chryslers and vintage Jowetts and carry many spares.

We also know more about crankshaft torsional vibrations than most people, and can talk layman, or highly technical depending on your requirements.  A crankshaft balancer has nothing to do with balancing a crankshaft.  Read our damper page to find out more.

Engines, gearboxes, axles and all things mechanical, please feel free to ring 07799 038731 for some friendly advice.