chaingangfrazernash25Recent work in included a transmission rebuild and re paint and many small jobs. 

The owner then drove to France and back unaided and competed in the extremely tough Frazer Nash Car Club Alpine Raid, winning his class in the process. 

Big jobs or small jobs, we know Prewar Cars extremely well.  Help machining parts or especially building Frazer Nash bevel boxes!!!!

anzaniSome engines have no provision for a crankshaft damper on the front, so the next best place is on the rear as part of the flywheel.  

This Anzani engine has an enclosed timing cover on the front which is an integral engine mounting, so we machined a flywheel adaptor and mounted it there instead.  We can supply the damper alone, or design and supply the necessary adaptors as well if required. There are often water pump and dynamo pulleys to incorporate, or in this case a propshaft bearing for a standard Frazer Nash clutch. The damper is a silicone viscous design, which is the fit and forget type.  

frazernash33This gorgeous 1933 Frazer Nash TT Rep left our workshops recently.

Our responsibilities included a full engine rebuild with new crank and rods, also including the clutch which reverted back to a Frazer Nash type. We re- built the bevel box and other mechanical components while the owner himself helped with easier parts and organised the paint and bodywork.  We are flexible, we listen to your requirements and advise when required.  The result is a drop dead gorgeous original and original specification British sports car, owned by a delighted customer of Tip Top Engineering.

DelahayedamperThis month, alongside extensive work on a very nice Frazer Nash TT Rep, see later, we have designed and made a crankshaft damper adaptor for a prewar Delahaye. 

The engine previously had a V belt to drive a water pump, so we replicated the pulley and integrated a location diameter and tapped holes for the viscous crankshaft damper. 

The finished item on the right, reproduced the oil scroll seal, seen on the original item on the left. The adaptor is balanced and ready for fitment to the engine, including the press-fit diameter and parallel keyway. We can supply the crankshaft damper only, or can provide the complete installation/adaptation. Give us a call on 07799 038731 to discuss your requirements

dampersAlvis carThis month we installed a viscous crankshaft vibration damper on an Alvis Silver Eagle.  The older damper was a Lanchester type, and was actually working but not running true, making balancing of the crankshaft impossible.  The damper needed an adaptor, but otherwise bolted straight on, and looked virtually the same. The Alvis is a thoroughly original and prestigne example and deserved only the best.