Frazer Nash and HRGThe past two weeks have been very busy indeed at Tip Top Engineering, centred around the ex David Thirlby Frazer Nash Anzani, and a very nice prewar HRG.  The Nash initially came in, driven from Derbyshire by her owner, who had a lift back to the train station for checks before being driven to Italy by her enthusiastic custodian. The work expanded somewhat into an overdue bevel box rebuild, and after enormous effort by James and Bill, the Hull ferry deadline was met.  The HRG arrived with grease and oil leaked onto the brake-linings.  TipTopEngineering first fitted new rear axle seals, before having all the shoes relined in an a asbestos free yet traditional material suitable for cable brake, and magnesium brake drums.  Yes, the HRG has magnesium brake drums as standard. 

So the big question is, are you a Nash fan or a HRG fan? Many can appreciate both, and having worked on both makes extensively we certainly like both types.  The 14 years of development between the cars shows well, even though they share their roots deep in the chain drive GN.