Crankshaft Dampers

The crankshaft damper is a critical part of any engine.  Tip Top Engineering can supply and advise about crankshaft dampers for any application, visit our crankshaft damper page to read more...


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thumb drivingtuition1People spend thousands of pounds preparing their motorcars, and usually neglect attention on the "nut behind the wheel". 

The driver probably adds 50% of the output of a car.  The time at which he chooses to press the brake and throttle is just as important as the quality of the brakes or quantity of power available.  Car control is about understanding the limits of handling, and primarily how early you can afford to apply the throttle.  All things equal, it's the man who sets off first who wins the race. 

drivingtuition2There is an awful lot of male pride involved in driving motorcars.  Few care to ask for a critical eye to be cast over their driving ability.  How many other sports do we partake in where we just pick up the instrument/racket/cue/sword and begin to play without any training? 

Driving to the shops safely in a modern car has only vague similarities to competition driving.  Blindingly obvious really, but we seem to overlook this fact.

James is an official AHASS qualified Instructor and works for both Harewood and Prescott Hillclimb driving schools.  Please get in touch for further details.