Crankshaft Dampers

The crankshaft damper is a critical part of any engine.  Tip Top Engineering can supply and advise about crankshaft dampers for any application, visit our crankshaft damper page to read more...


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Engine buildingHere at Tip Top Engineering we love building engines.  We have built AC, Anzani, Meadows, Model A Ford, Austin 7, Jowett twin cylinder, Alvis Silver Eagle, Alvis Speed 25, Chrysler, 2.5 Riley, ERA, Mercedes 770k. 

We do all the assembly and checks in house. 

enginebuild1enginebuild2Some engines simply need stripping cleaning checking and reassembly.  The other extreme is that a new crankshaft and con-rods are needed, new pistons, bores and perhaps a new camshaft.  We make new oil pump gears, we have head gaskets made of various designs, and we have head studs made, thread rolled if required. 

We tailor the job to suit the car and the requirements of each customer.

Our vast experience can be applied to any make of car, and we relish the chance to work where no manual exists and parts are scarce. 

We have access to the latest CNC machines and spark eroders.