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The crankshaft damper is a critical part of any engine.  Tip Top Engineering can supply and advise about crankshaft dampers for any application, visit our crankshaft damper page to read more...


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gearboxHere at Tip Top Engineering we have rebuilt all kinds of gearboxes and final drive assemblies.  Reverse gears, differential gears, spiral bevel and straight cut gears we have worked on all kinds and have every type made new.

Most especially we have vast knowledge of Wilson Pre-selector gearboxes, be they Armstrong Siddeley, or ENV.  Much of the knowledge has been gained from Cecil Schumacher and we are grateful for his help and training.  The rest has been learned by hard graft and experience, along with a good dose of testing by ourselves.  Tip Top Engineering built from scratch the gearbox in ERA R4A, a car which has enjoyed immense success in the hands of James as well as the car owner.  Indeed we carry much of the credit of the car to its carefully selected gearbox ratios, its incredible low friction and low drag, and of course its reliability.

preselectorbandsEvery gearbox or axle is an engineering assembly with bearings, key ways, taper fits, running and sliding assemblies all adding to the function.  All mating parts need to be considered and understood, which is exactly what we do here at Tip Top Engineering.

We have also recently rebuilt an AC transaxle from a mangled disaster, shown in the first picture.  We have had many differential gears cut for Chryslers, Austins, Lagonda etc, and final drive gears for lots of car types from Jowett to ERA.  We have recently rebuilt a 5 speed Mercedes W150 gearbox, with virtually all new gears, some of which included a spark eroded internal helical spline. 

We love a challenge, and starting at first principles and understanding the original design intent of the components is for us one of the pleasures of our industry.